The quality, fragrance, taste and aroma of the fruits grown in the Great Hungarian Plain are extraordinary high owning to the soil and climate facilities. All these offer a particular delight value for the consumers.

We produce our wine-mash entirely from premium, ripe and healthy fruits which are sorted for us by the farmers around Kecskemét with special carefulness.

After the professional, guided fermentation we apply a traditional, wood burning, two-step distillation process which guarantees the high-quality palinka of the ‘Palinkarium of Solt’.

The alcohol content of our palinka amounts to 40-44 % V/V.
A detailed description of our products can be found in our webshop.
Taste our palinka. Cheers!

János Kovács

Our palinkas have been entered for several national and international competitions where they were awarded many times.

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