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Our factory is the longest-running brewery of the region which attracts the good palinka lovers from far-away.

In our brewery a 500 litre double-layered, steam jacketed, wood stove copper cauldron and two refining cauldrons operate which are 200 and 300 litres. The technology has not been changed for decades which results in an extraordinary craft palinka.

In our distillery we brew palinka first of all on contract, in this case we undertake to distil high-quality wine-mash for private individuals. Our technology allows to brew at least 400 litres of wine-mash.

We issue official certificate of origin for the ready products according to the laws.

The secret of the good palinka

  • ripe, unharmed, healthy fruit;
  • careful wine-mash production and controlled fermentation;
  • traditional two-step ‘Kisüsti’ distillation process
  • decade-long brewing experience;
  • adequate length of ageing and maturation.

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